Whilst the regal valley view relaxation and the peace at “Sirmour Retreat” a lookout for a small town visit cannot be overruled and what’s better than that town taking you to a prayer fulfilled alongwith architectural bliss. A small town in Sirmour…Haripurdhar is at an altitude of 2687 m situated on a high ridge overlooking a deep valley has the famous Maa Bhangayani Temple - a well known temple of the most powerful Devi in Sirmour and a  fort which talks about the forgotten pages of history. In winters there is a tremendous view of snowfall here. The fort or Killa on the peak of this hill was built on this range of mountain by the rulers of erstwhile Sirmour State. It was mainly meant to guard the state outskirts with the neighboring Jubbal State as there were regular boundary disputes between the two states and there was unusual push into each others territory. It has fallen into abandonment and the part which is still livable is used by the Forest Department as forester’s headquarters. The fort reminds the visitors of the historical period when to hold or capture such forts used to be the chief aim of the contending hill states. Situated near Nahan at a distance of about 106 kilometres (66 mi), Haripurdhar can be approached by a regular bus service covering 40 kilometres (25 mi) up to Dadahu.

There are not many tourist places around haripurdhar of which THE SIRMOUR RETREAT is most sought property, also known in the area by haripurdhar hotels,

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